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Potential Energy
I am having serious trouble working this semester. Which is Not of the Good, as Buffy might say, because the Ph.D-2 year is rather critical as far as learning shit goes. Prelims this summer, let us never, ever forget.

But something wonderful is happening, and I can't stop it. Don't want to. I'm writing again. "For real," in the sense that what I am writing is original. All of that Matrix fic, and then all of the BtVS fic... well, they were wonderful and fun and good in their own rights, yes. But they've also been practice for what I'm doing now - I believe that. And I'm so grateful to each and every member of my audience who has commented/helped/praised/critiqued my fanfiction over the past two years, because you've helped make me better than I was.

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Anyway. Lisa's parents are coming tomorrow for the weekend, so I need to retire so that I can help with the cleaning tomorrow. Not like her parents care overly much, thank goodness. But since, at this point, my vision is blurring - it's time to call over and out. :)

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I have it. The really cool track with the drums and voices - the one that makes you want to go out and... I dunno... either conquer or save the world. Maybe both. I kid you not - this track is loads better than caffeine.

If you want it, IM me.

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Viewing number two made me a happy, happy woman.

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I know that most of my flist has probably seen the Big Damn Movie, but if you haven't yet... GO. ASAP. It's amazing. But if you are like me in your visceral responses, you may want to read spoilers, first. I should have.

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As promised, what folllows is an excerpt from my newly begun work of fiction. It's a romance novel, about two women. If you're not into that, then stay away. ;)

The working title is "With the Wind." Below are the first and second chapters, downloadable in Word (.doc) format. Any and all feedback, especially constructive criticism, is appreciated.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

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I haven't updated in a whole month, and I've been woefully neglectful of my friends list. Part of that is because I've been busy with my summer course, and part because I've been out of town. But my interests have also shifted, recently, away from fandom and towards some other interests, and I think that's contributed to my decreased presence on LJ.

The thing is, that's not how it has to be - and not how I want it to be. I love LJ for helping me stay connected to old friends, but also for helping me make new ones. So just because I've taken a fic break for the time being doesn't mean that I should fall off the planet. :) Ergo, concordantly, vis-a-vis... friends list, please accept my apologies for being incommunicado recently.

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In short - in the foreseeable future, anyway, this LJ will probably focus a lot on the joys and perils of sailing boats on Lake Mendota, and on the progress of my latest work of fiction. In fact, I plan to post a few chapters soon in case anyone's interested. No one should feel any pressure whatsoever to read what I put up here - I just thought I'd offer up some excerpts to a bigger audience than my lovely (and insightful) wife. :)

Righto. Back to reading for fun, while I still can. September celeriter venit.

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I have many things to say about Book Six. Observations, speculations... even a bit of a word for the non Harry/Ginny and Ron/Hermione shippers out there. But such matters will have to wait until tomorrow, because it's 2am here and I have Latin at 8:30. YIKES.

For now... here's a poll on Snape's role in _Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince_Collapse )

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It's interesting to be right smack dab in the middle of a very specific and limited time of my life - a finite time that I know I'll look back on someday and be able to characterize with a great deal of precision. Has anyone else had an experience like that?

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In other news, I've recently revisited the X-Files fangirl within. Specifically, I rediscovered Radclyffe's "Genesis" series - a novella-length fic that pairs Scully with a female OC who is just AWESOME. Seriously - I wish this woman had appeared on the show, *so damn much*! But yeah... it's fun and sexy and intertwines with the continuing plots of the show in a way that's very believable and QUITE entertaining. Go here if you feel like checking it out.

Here's a question for my flist, though: a) What was your FIRST fandom? and b) If you're an X-phile, what's your favorite XF fic?

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I love that so many of ye olde Matrix girls share birthdays. :) And I love it even more that I've been able to meet BOTH of today's birthday girls in realtime!

Have a great day, vientoeste and my_rain_face. I feel damn lucky to know you both. :D

And now, I will crawl back into my Latin hole...

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I cannot express with words how lovely it is to be in Albuquerque, NM... because Lisa is HERE and she and I should just always be in the same place, thanks very much. It's so *necessary*. I don't think I even realized how exhausted I was before last night, when I could finally relax. I can sleep without her, but I can't rest. Not really.

She had work today, so I've just been hanging out; she's renting a room with a (very cool) woman who has two full-grown torti cats, and one TINY kitten. Tiny and absolutely adorable - she curled up under my chin while I was in bed reading this morning! Truly a very, very special little creature. The only bad thing about her is that she's been given the name of Darla, which Lisa and I can't abide to use because, well, ANGEL SEASON 2!!!!!!!! *ahem* So, we call her Squeak. I will take a picture before I leave, and post it at some point. This is one awesome kitty.

We're heading down to Old Town this afternoon when Lisa gets back, so that should be a good time. And then tonight, I think we're getting dressed up to go out to a fancy Italian restaurant. WoooHHHOOO! ;) Tomorrow night will be the crazy cool Brazilian meat place that heresluck, Kevin and I went to during the PCA conference, and on Saturday, we'll take the tram up the nearby mountains and hike down. Better to be going downhill than uphill, here - the altitude is very different from what I'm used to, and I definitely found that it was affecting me on my bike ride along the Rio Grande today. Which, by the way, is not at all "grande" here in ABQ. The bike trail was almost as wide as the river! ;)

In fandom news, I got to hang out at heresluck's place on Tuesday night and we pretty much geeked out about Firefly the whole time, which was awesome. If you haven't seen her Firefly vid to "Thistledown Tears" and Luminosity's vid "Serenity" (to Godsmack's song "Serenity"), you really really really should. REALLY. Go here and here, respectively. Awesome stuff... it still blows me away that for part of the time on Tuesday, she wanted to talk to me about *my* silly little vid! I got some amazing (and totally unlooked for!) feedback and encouragement, by the way, so who knows. Maybe I'll get some good software and a DVD burner and really try to do this RIGHT. I have a song in mind for what I think could be a very fun, upbeat Firefly vid, and I have a few BtVS ideas as well. Vidding really is a cool hobby - heresluck and I talked a lot about how it's neat to actually use THE TEXT - clips from the show or film - and yet create something totally new and meaningful with those pieces of the whole. It's surprisingly similar to fic-writing in some ways, but totally and completely different in others. Another (related) neat thing about vidding, I think, is that it's fan-work in the same medium as the original. I mean, do some of you fic writers out there ever get the urge to *see* your piece, once it's done - in the same way that you get to see the film or show that it's about? That happens to me a lot.

Anyway. Lisa should be home any minute. I must dry my hair. :)

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